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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should I buy a new bed?
A. Don't wait until your bed is uncomfortable or damaged or you start to suffer backache before replacing it by which time sleep quality could be quite severely affected - use other triggers. Even a good quality mattress correctly looked after will only last around 10 years.
Q. There are so many bed sizes - how big should I go?
A. People often don't buy large enough beds. Three quarters of all double beds sold nationally are still the standard 4ft 6in/135cm wide double - yet this is plainly not room enough for two adults to sleep comfortably together without disturbing each other.

Even upgrading to the next size, a 5ft/150cm king size, whilst it takes up very little extra bedroom space, makes a considerable difference!

Kashoff specialise in larger size beds because we know they make for a better nights sleep.
Q. Should I buy a hard bed to ease my aches and pains?
A. What you need is a new bed which offers the right support for your spine (not necessarily hard at all!)
Q. How can I tell that a bed will be comfortable for me?
A. Spend more time making the right choice of bed - trying them out properly in store; assessing from previous experience the level of firmness/softness you like. It's your decision - not the salesman's!
Q. Will a bedstead provide a quality night's sleep?
A. People buy bedsteads for their looks but they are often paired with very basic mattresses.

Fortunately at Kashoff you don't have to sacrifice comfort for looks. You can get pocket spring mattresses made for use with slats and you can even get a fully sprung edge bed base for bedsteads.
Q. I want to buy a pocket spring mattress but the ones I have seen seem lumpy.
A. Luxury, pocket spring beds don't have flat surfaces - they mould themselves to body shape and the indentation remains even if you turn the bed regularly (which is very important with this type of bed)
Q. How can I get the most from my mattress?
A. Most mattresses need regularly turning to ensure even wear and tear and today's mattresses can be pretty heavy! However, there are new options which only need swivelling around from time to time.
Q. I am interested in the metal beds what do I need to know?
A. There are several options from having just the Headboard through to a Surround Frame or a Vono Frame through to an Integral Slatted Base or DeLuxe Slatted Base.
For more details and click on the headings.
Q. Will one of the metal headboards fit a standard UK divan?
A. Yes, frame fixed standard headboards are supplied with struts to enable them to attach to any UK manufactured divan..
Q. Can the metal bedsteads be fixed to a wall?
A. Yes, wall fixed headboards have leg posts which extend to the floor and come complete with wall brackets for more details contact Kashoff.
Q. What does one receive when one orders a Metal Surround Frame?
A. When assembled the bedstead frame surrounds the divan base and the mattress. The frame does not take any weight. The side rail is set at 12.5" from the base rail to the floor level. The 'hockey stick' shape of the rail at the foot of the bed allows for a bedspread to fall unimpeded at the corner.
Q. How is a Metal bed Slatted Base different?
A. With a Slatted Base the side bars are steel rails and are crossed with laminated beech slats which have a maximum gap of 2" between the slats making it suitable for all mattress options.
Q. Can customers visit the showroom?
A. Yes, there is wide range of beds on display for customers to test and inspect.
Q. Can Kashoff deliver anywhere in the UK?
A. Yes, please provide details of where you require the items delivered and we will happily quote: -
Q. Can Kashoff take payment over the phone?
A. Yes, by all means please telephone with your requirements.
In some instances a combination of instructions emailed or faxed followed up by a conversation is the best combination.
Q. Do goods have to be paid for in full when they are ordered?
A. No, a deposit of 20% is perfectly acceptable and then the balance can be paid when the items are ready for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions re the komfi mattress range

We hope that you can find the answer to your question below. If not. please do not hesitate to Kashoff either by phone or the form on the Contact page, and we will endeavour to answer your query.

Q. Are they good for a bad back?
A. Yes - extremely good. This is because the memory foam moulds itself to the shape of your body perfectly supporting you and relieving any pressure.
Q. Are they only a benefit if I have a bad back?
A. No. komfi mattresses are ideal for anyone as they promote a restful sleep. Because of the contouring, supportive nature of the mattress it reduces the amount of tossing and turning - one of the key causes of restless sleep.
Q. What are the main benefits of the komfi Sleep System?
A. The visco elastic memory foam utilised in all komfi products, provides exceptional support for the entire body, moulding to the body's contours to alleviate and prevent back, neck and joint pains.
Q. Do I ever have to turn a komfi mattress?
A. No! The memory foam ensures that the mattress will not distort or sag during its lifetime.
Q. I usually get very warm. How can a komfi mattress alleviate this?
A. komfi mattresses have a unique open cell structure which allows air to circulate freely, leaving you fresh and dry.
Q. Are komfi mattresses hypo allergenic?
A. Because the komfi mattress cover contains no manmade fibres, it is unlikely to cause allergy. In addition the cover can be removed and laundered (see care instructions) which is beneficial to those who suffer from asthma.
Q. What warranty do komfi products come with?
A. All komfi products come with a 15 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Q. Do komfi products comply with all UK safety regulations?
A. Yes. All products fully comply with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations Act 1988 (amended 1989).
Q. I need an NHS specification foam mattress, can you help?
A. Yes, the komfi mattress is available to NHS specification.
Q. Are they suitable for pine and metal bedsteads?
A. Yes, the komfi mattresses can be used with all types of bed bases - divans, electric adjustable, sprung edge, platform top etc.
Q. Can you dispose of my old mattress?
A. Unfortunately not, however if you contact your local council they will dispose of it for you free of charge.

It is impossible to cover every possible question - please feel free to contact us on 01384 396 121 for any clarification, more details, whatever your needs.


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